Air Canada Rebrand

Air Canada Rebrand Logo Design - Logo of the Month on Logoholic

Air Canada Rebrand Logo Design - Logo of the Month on Logoholic

February’s Logo of the Month on Logoholic deservedly goes to a beautiful conceptual presentation of an Air Canada rebrand by Cris Labno. A lot of people are wary of giving recognition to ‘fictitious’ logos and branding, but we feel that all design deserves merit, whether or not it was accepted by the client – it’s nice to know when something is merely conceptual however.

New Air Canada Logo Design on Logoholic


The logo itself is a very clever amalgamation of the iconic Maple leaf from the Canadian flag, and three planes with flowing jetstreams. Although I’ve claimed in the past that ‘clever’ logos are a trend, I can see no reason this example could last forever.  The custom type is beautiful as well, the flourish on the leading “A” catches the eye and separates it from a ‘standard’ font.

Air Canada Rebranding by Cris Labno

The conceptual mockups are a gorgeous mix of minimal white space and graphic, bold design. The balance works well, further emphasising the simplicity of the full Air Canada rebrand.

New Air Canada Logo Design of the Month on Logoholic

Logoholic Logo of the Month Air Canada Rebrand 2013


Overall, I feel the logo is deserving of the Logo of the Month award. The further branding, as beautiful as it is, would most likely come under scrutiny from the Marketing departments trying to add copy and selling points.

What are your thoughts – did Cris improve or detract from the existing Air Canada brand identity?

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