Funny Slogans Remixed

Funny Slogan Remixed Advert McDonalds

Came across these funny slogans remixed by Sebastiao Ribeiro Ferreira and António Garcia. These are so true, the wikipedia one in general for my dissertation in uni!

We took some brands that everyone recognizes and did a little play on the slogans,
as politically incorrect as we could.


Funny Slogans Remixed Nike Just Do It on Logoholic Logo Blog

Funny Slogan Remixed Facebook

Funny Advert Slogans Remixed Disney

Funny Slogan Remixed Advert McDonalds

Funny Advert Slogans Remix Copywriting KFC

Coca Cola Funny Slogans Remixed

Funny Advertising Slogans Remixed Google

Funny Advert Slogans Remixed Wikipedia

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