How To Get More Exposure For Your Company Logo


Your company logo is the embodiment of your brand’s persona. Not only that, but it is an easy and effective way to make your brand known and recognised. Without this recognition, your target consumers will not be able to easily identify you, and your company may be harder to remember than others. For this reason, you should focus on getting as much exposure for your logo design as possible. That’s not to say that you should make it huge and slap it on everything – keeping it small and understated can have just as much of an effect. With that in mind, here are some of the best ways you can get more exposure for your company logo.


Business cards

You may think of business cards as old fashioned, but they’re still a really effective way to showcase your business logo with your credentials. So the next time you’re at a networking event, follow up a successful conversation by handing over your business card. Be sure to include your company logo prominently in the design – use the same colours and font for the written information displayed on the card to provide overall synchronicity.


Letterhead design

Custom Stationery Design 

Using your company logo in your letterhead design, or indeed, on any written documentation your business produces, not only gives you more exposure, it also adds that professional edge. How much more official does it look to receive a letter with a corporate logo at the top? Establish yourself as a serious contender in your sector by retaining this professional image at all times. There’s no need to make your logo huge either – a simple logo in the top left hand corner of a page will ensure that it is seen, and attributed to the rest of the document.


Company website

Your company website is the digital version of your business. Whether you have a physical office, or you’re purely an online set-up, think of your website as the leading face of your brand. When people visit a website, they expect to find as much information as possible about the company, its services, and any products it sells. Make sure your logo is on every page. It doesn’t have to be the most important feature – in fact, it’s probably better if it is noticeable but blends into the background. It’s simply there to serve as a reminder to the person viewing it, that this work is all attributed to you.


Social media channels

Logoholic on TwitterEveryone uses social media these days for everyday communication, and to keep in touch. Be sure to extend the use of your company logo to each of your social media channels too. This makes it clear to anyone who comes across the site that the information on it is regarding your company.  It makes sense to use your logo as your profile picture – that way; all communication is seen to be from you. Make it easier for your customers to access your social media channels by providing direct links to them from your company website.


Watermark photos

Any photos, which you upload as part of your brand awareness campaigns, should be watermarked with your company logo. Not only will this allow your business to be associated with those images; it’ll also mean you’re the sole owner of them. This way, a competing brand cannot steal your images and use them for their own promotional material, as you will own the copyright.


Email signature

Every email you send on behalf of your business should incorporate your logo. The easiest way to do this is to display your company logo underneath your email signature. Similar to a letterhead, including your logo adds authenticity and professionalism to your email. This can be particularly useful when emailing customers as it helps to showcase your authority, and shows that you are speaking on behalf of the company, and therefore in a more formal situation.


Marketing materials

Every company uses marketing tools as a means to advertise and promote itself to a wider audience. One of the first things a potential customer will notice is your company logo. These basic images are used to help people visually recall a brand. The most successful companies can all be recognised merely by their logos. You don’t have to spend a fortune on advertising tools therefore. Keep your marketing campaigns simple but just as effective by incorporating your logo. All flyers/ adverts/ shop window displays/ etc. should include your logo design.


Giveaway items

Prize Giveaway Logo

You may decide to reward your loyal customers with a giveaway. This can be a great incentive to encourage repeat business, as well as further build on the existing relationship you have with your customers. Everyone loves a freebie, and you can use this as an opportunity to market your brand. That means that any pens, mugs, t-shirts, hats, or anything else you’re giving away for free should feature your company logo. That way, not only is the customer themselves more likely to come back to you for more in the future, you’ll also get brand exposure wherever they wear or use the items. So all of a sudden, that giveaway which cost you maybe £20, multiplies into sales figures ten times as much.


Gift items to clients

Some clients may do a lot of business with you, making it seem an obvious gesture to send them a gift. You don’t have to spend too long thinking up which gift to buy however. After all, if they do business with you, the chances are that they like your company. So how about gifting them a product that you sell? This way, it’ll feature your company logo, again providing you brand exposure, but further bolstering the relationship you have with that client. So the next time someone from a different firm approaches them to offer business, they’ll see your logo on the gift item you sent and remember how great you’ve been for them. Or perhaps they’ll recommend your services to a friend in a similar sector.


Company vehicles

FedEx Van Company LogoYou may drive a lot as part of your business’ offerings. Whether this is to attend client meetings, drive to and from work, or simply to pop to the shops at the weekend, displaying your company logo on the side of your vehicle will get your brand noticed. This essentially is a free form of advertising, and should be encouraged as much as possible. Everyone you drive past, whether fellow drivers or pedestrians will notice your company logo. Make sure it’s obvious what service you offer, or what line of products you sell. And be sure to include contact information such as your website address, and social media channels, e.g. “find us on Twitter at”/ “like us on our Facebook page”. That way, those interested have a clear call to action that they can follow. They’ll easily be able to look you up and find out whether you’re the company for them, and all it costs is to paint your logo and details onto the side of your vehicle. It’s amazing how much business something so simple can drum up.


Can you think of any other creative ways you can employ to achieve greater exposure for your company logo?


This was a guest post contributed by Abigail Clapham on behalf of 123 Print

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