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Logo of the Month - Hi My Name is Mark

Apologies for the lack of posts this year, I know it’s only January but we were both incredibly busy over the Holidays. I guess it should be the New Years Resolution to blog more often, but I’m already falling behind on the resolution to ‘do more art!’.


Where best to start 2013 with getting the ball rolling on January’s Logo of the Month! I’m happy to say it’s gone to the wonderful work of the Forefathers on Hi My Name is Mark.

Hi My Name is Mark Octopus Logo of the Month on Logoholic

Abbreviated to HMNIM, Hi My Name is Mark is the new clothing & apparel line of Mark Hoppus (Blink 182) coming in 2013. Based upon the initial branding, it should showcase some pretty interesting styles – I’m thinking a mix of vintage, pretty casual and some items along the lines of etsy. I could be wrong, but we’ll see.


Hi My Name is Mark Logo Design Octopus

Clothing Brand Octopus Logo - Hi My Name is Mark


Starting with a very specific iconic vision he wanted to use the octopus as the main symbology for the brand. Exploring many different variants and types of octopi we swam the depths of possibilities until we landed on just the right one for the brand.


Logo of the Month - Hi My Name is Mark

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