Patthield Brand Identity

Patthield Brand Identity Main Logo Design

Patthield Brand Identity Main Logo Design

Wow! Just wow!

I fell in love with the Patthield brand identity when I first saw it. The simplicity, mixed with the adaptability and the way there are minor variations to the main logomark all just comes together so well. It’s a project you look at as a designer, and wish you had created it. Credit goes to TheIssland for their amazing work on Patthield Co. who produce custom designed wooden floors with a tradition and emphasis on quality.

Patthield Wooden Floors Brand Identity

Great conceptual combination of ideas and the linguistic breakdown of what Patthield actually means. Often this technique of ‘merging’ two literal ideas together appears cliche or ‘too-literal’ – in this case it works undeniably.


Patthield Brand Identity Shield Options Variety


Above, you can see the variants of the logomark based around different patterns. An important part of logo design is the adaptability of how it can be interpreted or utilised in different ways, to follow varying communicative forms, and the image here is a perfect example.

Patthield Logo Text Museo Slab Font

Beautiful tweak made to an already excellent font – Museo Slab 500. Really suits the logomark and of course the slab serifs relate perfectly to the idea of laying the wooden floors.

Patthield Brand Identity Business Cards

Patthield Brand Identity Poster Print of the Logo Design

Patthield Brand Identity by TheIssland

Patthield Brand Identity Logo Design

Patthield Brand Identity Letterheads

Patthield Brand Identity Showcase of the Month on Logoholic


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  1. Alek Chmura
    September 24, 2012 at 8:52 pm #

    magnificent work.
    love it!

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