Reasons to Redesign Your Company Logo

Reasons to Redesign Your Company Logo

Your company logo is the first thing that people notice when they are introduced to your product and/or services. Therefore, it plays a vital role in creating a good impression about your company, reflecting your identity and distinguishing your brand from your competitors.

You may have used your logo design across on various items like business cards, letterheads, flyers, brochures and even t-shirts, mugs, car wraps etc. and if your marketing campaigns have been successful so far then you must be aware of the importance of the logo for your business. We can instantly recognize a ‘Nike’ logo even from a distance simply because it represents a brand that is immensely successful. Though, you may be satisfied with the logo of your company but, there are times when you need to think about a redesign.


A Refreshed New Look

With the passage of time, it may strike your mind that may be your logo needs some makeover. The good thing about a fresh new look is that, it can also turn beneficial for your company’s sales records. It has been observed that consumers are more willing to spend on products when they find the logo on it. Like for instance, there are many people who are desperate to buy an Apple product without knowing its benefits simply because it has the Apple logo on it.


Growing Business Demands

There are plenty of examples of businesses around the world who have entered into different ventures leading to expansion of their business. It may happen that you decide to give your business a new philosophy or mission as well as offer your customers with new services and/or products. For that, you need a proper visual representation of your brand through your logo so as to accurately represent what you are offering.


Following the Trend


There are plenty of examples of successful brands who have evolved their logos along with the trends. You can take the example of Coca Cola logo. The first Coca Cola logo was created in the year 1885 by Frank Mason Robinson. The company has redesigned its logo time to time not only to stay true to the trends but, appeal to the younger generation with a more enticing look. There is a vast difference between the first logo and the latest logo of the company clearly indicating that it has adopted perfectly with the rise of new trends.



Designing a business logo isn’t at all a cheap affair. May be you started out as a small business with limited capital and resources. Designing the logo of your dreams wasn’t possible simply because you couldn’t afford it at that time.

Now you may reached a position where you are considered as one of the toughest competitors in your niche. Thus, you may decide to design a logo for your company that you have been longing for quite a long period of time. A professionally designed stunning logo for your company that truly represents your business objectives and ideals!


A New Acquisition or Merger

If there is a new business acquisition or merger then, the business may decide to revamp its identity to reflect the change. This is generally done to make people aware of the new merger or acquisition as well as represent this merged identity in a new way.

The present day ‘GSK’ was created in the year 2000 after the merger of SmithKline Beecham and Glaxo Wellcome. The merge is ideally represented by the new logo thus, educating customers about the new change.


A Complicated Design

Logo RedesignIf you feel that your business logo looks complicated and makes it hard for your customers to remember it then, redesigning is definitely not a bad idea. Simplicity is the key behind making your logo successful. Use of unnecessary elements, colors, fonts, images, etc. can make it hard for the viewers to actually decipher the meaning behind the logo.

Thus, whenever you are hiring a logo design firm to redesign your logo, make it a point to simplify your logo as much as possible without losing focus on what it’s meant to represent.


Similarity with Other Logos

This is in fact, one of the biggest issues you may be facing where your logo looks identical to another business logo. It could be anything like color, arrangement, shape, proportion, etc. that may make your logo look similar with another logo. This isn’t something that your business would desire where its identity may get mistaken with another company’s identity.

Therefore, redesigning is the best option available to you at the moment to give your business a unique identity. A few tweaks here and there can do the trick provided the job is carried out by an experienced logo designer who is well aware of your business objectives.


Gaining More Publicity

Businesses redesign their logos at times simply to remain on the highlight. This is basically a marketing trick where the company seizes the right opportunity to promote its brand and make people aware of its services and/or products. Though, this type of marketing strategy may not work with small companies but, for large corporations it is certainly an effective way of marketing.

The redesign of the original logo brings much desired attention to the company helping it to pounce on the opportunity and promote its business.


Reviving a Tarnished Image

BP-Oil-LogoNegative publicity is something that big brands are always afraid of. It can totally tarnish the reputation of a well-known brand thus, leading to sales disruption and excessive business loss. One such instance occurred with British Petroleum. The company became the media’s target after it was charged with numerous oil spills in the late 90’s. The company decided to battle this negative impression by redesigning its logo which looked far more promising and simple from the one that was previously used.

This is certainly an effective strategy to shift the focus of attention and revive the lost impression to somewhat extent.




A Few Final Words

A logo is the most recognizable element of your business through which customers are easily able to identify your brand among the crowd. Though, you may have a perfectly well-designed simple looking, attractive logo but, at times changes are necessary. Consider a redesign only when you feel that it is absolutely necessary and take the appropriate steps to maintain the focus on your business goals and objectives.



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Hema Gupta works as a professional writer and group leader at WebGuru Infosystems. Through this blog she has shared her personal views on what are the different reasons that may force a company to redesign its existing logo.


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