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March’s Branding of the Month comes from Brazilian designer Igor Berck in his work for Silencio.

Silencio Logo Design by Igor Berck on Logoholic


The above logo, cut and chopped is what initially drew my interest – and that’s only the start point into a conceptually and aesthetically interesting brand identity.

The logo uses a modified version of Gotham light font, the font does not have serifs, low-contrast and has also opted to increase the space between letters, these changes contribute to an enjoyable read and reinforce the concept of silence when they generate greater distances than expected, featuring a break. We use cuts and shifts on the letters of the logo to refer to a characteristic of the work of Attila Meireles and also as a way to strengthen the fragile silence, stop the cuts but at the same time unite the letters the same way that breaks the silence when There is some noise, but the noise starts as soon as this ceases.

I struggled to gather more information other than what’s presented in the portfolio, and thanks to Google translate, Silencio is an audio-visual event staged within an art gallery. The posters for the event [below] offer little more information than the surreal / abstract geometric forms, art in their own right. But that’s where the interest lies. It doesn’t scream about itself like the advertising we’re used to seeing every day, it draws in the people with the curious minds, the people that are likely to go to such an event.


Silencio Gallery Poster

Silencio Posters on Wall

Silencio Branding of the month on Logoholic


No sound or noise, the act of not speaking, what is said without sound be silent goes beyond literal definitions, silence is the decisive moment, the moment is that everything means nothing, a moment or a long period of time where we fill the void and provides thoughts, ideas, desires and wishes. For more powerful and profound that is, silence is still fragile, balancing a momentary existence so suddenly he arrives, but if vai, just a sigh, a bird or an oversight in order to break it.


Silencio Branding of the Month on Logoholic Design Blog

Silencio Event Map


For the design of the brand adopted this concept in order to reference the visual artist who uses it as identification, but also for exploring the varied moments of silence and provide a trial of this moment so important for visual communication.


Abstract art T-Shirt Design for Silencio

Silencio Brazil

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